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Linux Mint has been the most downloaded Distro (Operating system) for the past 2 years. Why? Because it was designed to be the most user friendly of all. Windows (and Apple) users have been very comfortable with the transition.

I have been upgrading many of my customers personal computers and small businesses systems. The biggest response is how stable and easy it is to use. Customers are also pleased with the abundance of free Open Source software available. Libre Office Suite comes pre-installed and yes, it will read and write Microsoft documents.

Now to determin if Linux is right for you, I would ask you a few simple questions.

1) What do you mostly use your computer for?
2) Do you use any special software that is proprietary to Microsoft or Apple?
    (keep in mind that there are many alternative open source programs that are free)
3) Are you concerned about viruses and malware?
    (Linux is extremely secure. Perfect? no. But the best choice out there today)

That's It!

By answering these 3 simple questions, we are able to determine if Linux is right for you. Go to the Contact page and send me your information. I will respond and discuss details so you can feel more comfortable with making the right decision. Be sure to have your computer model and specifications available. This will help determin whether Linux is the right choice for you.

A charge of $165.00 includes Linux installation, data transfer and training. No Microsoft Licensing Fees. No Utility Software Costs. Open Source is free to use.

NOTE: If your location has slow internet service, it may require pickup and delivery. This is an additional $25.00 charge. Shipping is available for out of the area customers.

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